AM Systems

  • Compatible with 58Khz Hard Tags and Labels
  • Wide/Multiple Aisle Capability
  • Aesthetic—Modern Design Options
  • Competitive Price
  • Easy, Fast Reliable Deactivation
  • Integrates Smoothly with Point of Sale Procedures
  • Compatible with Sensormatic® Hard Tags and DR Labels

Acousto-Magnetic (AM) systems are chosen over other technologies for their increased technical performance and higher immunity to false alarms.

AM Labels are small, self-adhesive tags used to protect any type of non-metallic, hard good items such as film, video tapes, books, magazines, cosmetics, pharmaceutical items, or security cases for CD or DVD protection. AM Labels are available with a simulated barcode, to deceive shoplifters. Labels can also be used for source tagging, which is the process of concealing labels inside of retail merchandise at the point of manufacture or packaging.

The AM auto deactivator has a pad that can be placed underneath the counter at the point of sale. When the AM Label is placed above the pad the label will be deactivated automatically. Not only does this make the checkout process fast and efficient for the sales operator, but it also allows for more usable counter space. AM Pad Deactivators are also available for counter top point-of-sale if required, quick and easy deactivation is still maintained.

A variety of hard tags and pins are designed to be used with all types of merchandise, from the most delicate fabrics to thick denims and man-made materials, making tagging quick and easy.

Lanyards and versi-clips can be used with hard tags protect merchandise which otherwise could not be protected. Some examples are: tennis racquets, stereo equipment, hardware items and sporting goods.

When attached to merchandise hard tags stay firmly attached, protecting your merchandise from theft until they are removed at the point of sale. Tags are removed from the merchandise using a chrome detacher, secured at the checkout area.

The Chrome Magnetic Detacher easily releases hard tags from the protected articles at the point-of-sale. It is extremely durable, and due to no mechanical parts is maintenance free.   A Detacher is also available for use with new Super Lock hard and shell tags.

The use of Sensormatic® hard tags requires a specific manual or automatic detacher to release this style of tag, these tags cannot be removed with the chrome detacher.